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Ishmael Shaheeddavis
Ishmael Shaheeddavis
Height: 5-11
Year: Fr
Hometown: East Baltimore, Md
High School: Glen Burnie High School

Birthdate: August 7                 

Favorite Class: Math

My favorite TV show is: Rick and Morty 

My favorite movie(s): Alien Vs. Predator, Eureka 7, and Cheaper by the Dozen

My favorite type of music or artist(s): Old school and new school

I Love to eat: Pretzles, cheese its, and mangos 

My fondest childhood memory of playing sports is: During baseball and Lacrosse 

Bucket list: Electrify my skateboard and build the most advanced plane in the world      

My Dream Car is: Lamborghini Elemento 

After College I want to: Join the Navy

ONE word that describes you: Silent


Parents Names: Tim and Asya

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